choosing a bisexual male escort

A large proportion of our business is servicing Bisexual Male Escorts requests from clients in Melbourne, and throughout Australia. Providing a Bisexual Escort Service isn't as easy as it sounds. Furthermore, there are a lot of misrepresentations throughout the Escort world that often scar first time clients from ever using a Bisexual Escort Service again.We are proud to say at Melbourne Pleasure that we have a very strong and loyal clientele who not only make regular appointments without Bi Male Escorts, but also refer their friends and colleagues.

What makes our service so different?

A Bisexual Male Escort Service With A Difference

Firstly, we at Melbourne Pleasure do not misrepresent the sexuality of our Escorts. You can book with us in confidence knowing our Bisexual Male Escorts are genuinely bisexual. You may have never considered why this is so important. Here is why - if your Escort is not genuinely bisexual, he is likely to have performance issues when it comes to sleeping with either you and or your partner. Bluntly, he may not be able to get it up. The last thing you and your partner wants is to have a floppy cock while you're trying to have some fun. After all, the whole idea behind adding a third wheel, an extra pair of hands; which ever way you'd like to look at it. Is to have some fun.

You still may be thinking, but why would Escorts say they are bisexual if they aren't? To increase their marketability which ultimately will generate them more money. In the short term.

Secondly, when you call Melbourne Pleasure, the receptionists will not lie to you on the phone about the appearance of our Escorts. We do have Bisexual Male Escort Galleries (Victorian and Interstate) where there are images to view of our sexy bi guys. However many Escorts for privacy reasons do now wish for their face/body to be displayed publicly. We respect their right to privacy, just as we respect yours as a valued client.

Thirdly, our receptionists will ask you many questions about what you are looking for in your Bisexual Male Escort experience. Questions that you have probably never thought of. That's OK, don't feel pressured or feel that you are on the spot. These questions will be about what sort of look you and your partner are attracted to, right down to the fine details; facial hair, pubic hair etc.

There will then be questions about the sexual service you are looking for; the fun part (we have many clients that get so aroused just by us asking what we perceive to be standard questions). If it is yourself and your female partner, are you wanting anal sex with your Bisexual Male Escort? Mutual anal, or anal one-way. These details are very important, and often overlooked by overzealous businesses or Escorts who are simply trying to get any booking they can.

A Tailored Bisexual Male Escort Service

By gathering as many details as we can about what you are looking for, we are then able to match you with an Escort that is sure to satisfy both you and your partner. That is what we want. In the unlikely event we do not have someone that we are confident will satisfy your needs, we will say so. Regretfully we will turn down your business. However in politely turning down your business, we know from past experience this has driven us further business. Why? Simply because we didn't mislead you to get a quick sale.

Fourthly, Melbourne Pleasure is not a pressuring business. Our receptionists will never pressure you into making a decision you are not fully comfortable with. If you ever need some time to think about making a booing, no worries with us. We are always here, you know where to find us: email or our easy to remember number 1300 45 46 47.