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A bottom or passive Transexual Escort Melbourne is a Ladyboy who performs only the role of a bottom during anal sex.  What is a bottom during anal sex?  There is a really easy way to remember this one, that is; your Transsexual Escort offers her bottom to you during sex.  In other words, she is the receiver.

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Just a quick reminder, a Transexual that is:

Active / Top - her cock can get nice and hard. She will perform or give you anal sex, she will not receive it. You can perform oral on her, but not anal.

Bottom / Passive - her cock is not likely to be able to get an erection. She is truly passive in her service in that she will receive anal sex from you. She won't be able to receive oral from you. Please remember, that just because she is unable to get an erection, this does not mean she isn't enjoying herself. Her cock is not able to get hard due to how her body works.

Versatile - she can perform both an active or passive role. She can switch. She will give and receive oral and anal.

If this is your first Transsexual Escort experience, this is important to know.  Why?  Each transgender sexual partner is different – not just looking, but functionality.  Functionality refers to their ability to use their penis during sexual intercourse and foreplay.  To give you a brief example, lets not consider looks right at this point.  If you wanted to spend time with a sexy Transsexual Escort, you wanted to play with her cock, give her oral sex, then have her perform anal sex on you with her cock; then a bottom Transexual Escort Melbourne wouldn’t be for you.

Remember, a bottom / passive Transexual Escort Melbourne will only allow you to perform anal sex on her.  She will receive your cock.  This is not to say that her cock still won’t work, this is simply her sexual preference to only perform a bottom, or receiving role in anal sex.  If her cock is still fully functional, then I’m sure she will want you to play with it, give her oral sex and the likes.

Hopefully this clears up any confusion you may have had.  Or if you previously had no idea, then you are well informed.  If you still have any questions, please feel free to contact us at any time.  We are always happy to help.

Bottom Transexual Escort Melbourne is an outcall only escort service.  No incalls are permitted.  These stunning transsexual escorts are available by the hour.  Just in case you are wondering, we do not offer any appointments less than 1 hour. For more information about bookings and rates, please click here

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