Choosing a Transsexual Escort

Despite the fun, excitement and anticipation of your first transsexual experience; It can be a very challenging and daunting task choosing a transsexual escort that will suit your needs.

What transsexual is right for me?

Pre op? Post op? How feminine will she be? Big tits or small tits? How tall do I want her to be? Do I want to play with her cock? Do I want her to be able to get an erection? Ok, so I do think I want to play with her cock, but to what extent? Do I want to suck on it? Do I want to just play with it? Do I want her to cum? Do I want to try and receive anal? Am I scared of the thought of a tranny giving it to me in the ass? Do I want her to just let me fuck her? What if I’m not attracted to her? Will she be offended? What if I say something that will offend her?

What if I have absolutely no idea?

Have any of these things ran through your mind? If so, don’t stress. These are all very normal questions that our trained reception staff can easily answer. Take a breath, relax.

The fact you are on the Melbourne Pleasure site, having a transsexual experience is on the forefront of your mind. Let’s be honest you didn’t come across this site by chance.

3 Easy steps to choose the right Transsexual for you

Firstly, at Melbourne Pleasure all TS Escorts are super feminine and passable. This is something you don’t need to worry about, ‘how feminine will she be’?

  1. When you call Melbourne Pleasure’s reception team, describe your ideal TS girl to them. Tall, light featured, blonde hair, big breasts etc. On the most basic level, if you choose a ladyboy you’re attracted to physically, you are half way there. Then describe the personality of a person you are most attracted to. Quiet, bubbly, loud, etc. Matching a physical attraction with a personality attraction, how could you not have a good time?
  2. What sexual service are you looking for? Just as not all ladyboys look the same, the service they offer also varies. The main thing that determines a ladyboys sexual service is how you would like to enjoy her cock. Do you want her to use her cock or not. We are commonly asked by newbie’s or first-timers, ‘what do most people want’? This is a very personal choice; however the majority of our clients would like to see their transsexual get an erection. The other aspect to consider is whether you would like to receive and/or give anal sex. If you are unsure, let reception know. That way a versatile tranny will be selected for you – now don’t stress, you haven’t committed to having to receive anal sex or anything like that. Not all trannys want to receive anal sex, just as not all trannys want to give you anal sex. An active ladyboy will give you anal sex. A passive ladyboy will only receive anal sex. A versatile TS girl will give and receive anal sex.
  3. After considering the points raised above, if you have any more questions or queries don’t be shy in asking. Don’t leave anything unanswered before you make your appointment. Having all your questions answered will allow you to be confident and comfortable; allowing you to relax. Making an appointment with a TS girl should always be exciting and enjoyable, no matter whether it is your first appointment, or second for the week.

A Specialist Transsexual Melbourne Escort Agency

At Melbourne Pleasure, we are not a generic Melbourne Escort Agency. We are professionals who specialise in offering a high class transsexual escort experience to our clientele. Our customer service driven reception staff are here to answer any and all questions you may have about our escort service. By understanding your needs in detail, we are then able to provide you with an escort service that will not only suit you needs, but exceed expectations.

Please contact us to tailor an escort service to your specific needs.