Ladyboys Melbourne

If you are a Melbourne local, you know how lucky we are to have some of the most stunning ladyboys in the country. For those readers from interstate, you will not be disappointed if you are coming for ladyboys Melbourne, you have come to the right place (pardon the pun).

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You must have some preference – blonde or dark hair? Tall or short? Pale or tanned? Do you like big breasts, or small ones? These are the sorts of things you let us know, and we match you with a sexy ladyboy that will be sure to satisfy you.

"I don't know what Active, Passive or Versatile means"

Ladyboy who is active – She can get an erection and is able to provide you with anal sex and receive oral sex

Ladyboy who is passive – She is unable to get an erection, and is only going to anal receive sex from you.

Ladyboy who is versatile – She can be either active or passive, she can receive and provide you with anal sex.

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That's fine, not everyone is into being a bottom or receiving. Just let our friendly reception team know what you require and are into. We can then provide you with a specialised service that will you will love.

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