Male Escorts

Melbourne Pleasure is an exclusive transexual and gay escort agency that have high class male escorts available for companionship. These sexy Rentboy's are available not only throughout Melbourne, but Australia wide. The desire for male to male companionship can strike at any time of the day or night. Thankfully Melbourne Pleasure understands this, and has a diverse selection of sexy studs available everyday of the week.

Melbourne Pleasure have both gay male escorts and bisexual male escorts available to see you.

Gay Male Escorts

Gay Escorts start at a fresh age of 18 years old, right through to refined gentlemen in their late 40's and early 50's. These studs all vary in the service they offer: some are top only, bottom only, and some are versatile. They also vary in appearance: pale skin through to dark skin, dark eyes, blue eyes, tall, short, muscular, skinny, chubby; and everything in between. When making an appointment to see one of these sexy Escorts, please ensure to give as much detail of the type of service you are looking for. If for example you are looking for a young guy, tall, slender build, large endowment who is a top escort - say so. Please don't be shy. The more information you can provide to reception, the better they can tailor the escort experience specific to your desires.

We have Gay Male Escorts who are:

Top Escort  - give anal sex, do not receive.

Bottom Escort - receive anal, do not give anal sex.

Versatile Escort - give and receive anal sex.

** It is very important that you choose a Gay Male Escort not just based on appearance, but also by the sexual service they provide. Imagine you are really horny, and are hanging to receive some hot throbbing anal sex; and mistakenly you make an appointment with a bottom Escort. This will leave you frustrated and sexually unfulfilled.

This situation never happens with our clients. Why? Our receptionists will discuss with you in detail your sexual needs, and go through the best options for you. That way we are sure you will receive a Male Escort that will satisfy your needs.

Bisexual Male Escorts

Bisexual Male Escorts who represent Melbourne Pleasure, are genuinely bisexual in sexual orientation. As a customer, you do not have to worry whether the escort who is on his way, is really going to be able to satisfy both you and your sexual playmate. These guys have willingly chosen to play with both males and their female playmates. They will be as eager as you are to begin romancing. We have Bisexual Male Escorts who are fresh and young, middle aged and older. Among the Escorts who are bisexual, every Escort is still an individual and their service may vary.

Something many first time Bisexual Male Escort clients don't consider, is how much male to male intimacy are they looking for? Many simply think, "Oh I just want him to join in". We are happy to say we know the Sex Industry pretty well, however we aren't mind readers. What does join in mean? Does it mean hot passionate mutual anal sex? Or does it mean the Bisexual Male Escort will simply have sex with the female while her male partner does too. Both very different situations. Why do we want to know? So we can give you a Male Escort that will suit your needs. We have some Male Escorts that will suit more male to male intimacy more than others, and vice versa.

If there are specific roles or activities you have in mind, please let reception know when you are making an appointment. Going over the specifics with the reception team ensure you are going to get an Escort who matches what you are looking for. Then let the fun begin.

Trusted Male Escort Specialists

Making the decision to include a bisexual male escort in your bedroom fun is an exciting time. No matter whether you are a regular who enjoys adding some additional hands and holes in your bedroom fun, or it is your first time; our male escorts are well trained, very experienced in taking good care of you and your playmates.

Please feel free to browse for information on gay escorts, bisexual escorts and appointment fee's. If you have any further queries, don't hesitate to email us or call reception directly on 1300 45 46 47.