Top Gay Escort

Melbourne Pleasure have Male Escorts who can perform the role of a Top – Top Gay Escort and Top Bisexual escorts. A Male Escort who performs the role of a top is exactly what is required from clients who are bottoms.

A Top Gay Escort does not receive anal sex, he only gives it; he will give anal sex to a client who wants to receive. The client in this case is the bottom, and the Escort is the top.

As a client, if you want to want to receive and give anal sex with your Gay Escort, then you do not want an Escort that is exclusively a Top service. In this situation, you want an Escort that provides a versatile service – the Gay Escort will give and receive anal sex.

Every Gay Escort offers a slightly different service, so when making an appointment with our reception team, be as specific as you can in regards to what you want to do. Just because a Gay Escort plays the role of a top, doesn’t mean he will perform exactly the same services of another top. For example, some top escorts will offer excellent Role-play in their service, others won't.

Top Bisexual Male Escort

A Bisexual Male Escort that performs the role of a top, will provide anal sex to a male partner but will not receive it. He will also enjoy having sex with a female. A Top Bisexual Male Escort will often enjoy receiving oral sex from another male, but won't give it.

If you are looking for a Bisexual Male that will give and receive anal sex, and also participate in mutual oral, then you need a Versatile Bisexual Male Escort.

A Bisexual Male Escort can be a perfect addition to a couple who is looking to spice things up or simply enjoys non vanilla sex. Melbourne Pleasure have bisexual Male Escorts that perform the role of a top, while enjoying intimacy with your female partner.

If this is your first time including a Bisexual Male Escort in your bedroom activities, discuss it in detail with your female partner – clients tell us just talking about it provides amazing foreplay. What should you discuss? Discuss whether the male wants to receive anal sex, give anal sex, give and/or receive oral sex etc. Once you have your interests in mind, let our receptionist know. We can then match you with an escort that will satisfy both your needs. Please don’t stress thinking you need everything mapped out, just a few things and of course we can suggest the rest – that is what we are good at.

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We welcome any questions or queries you still may have regarding a top gay/bisexual male escort via our contact page or calling us direct on 1300 45 46 47. We strongly recommend having any uncertainties answered before making an appointment. That way everyone is on the same page, and ready to have some fun.