Top transexual escort Melbourne

A top Transexual Escort Melbourne is a sexy tranny that performs only the role of being a top during anal sex.  If you are not familiar with Transsexual sex, then this may be very foreign to you.  Hopefully this blog clears up any questions you may have had, and if this is entirely new to you, welcome, we are sure this information will be of great benefit to you.

Types of Transsexual Roles

Sexual roles Transsexual Escorts can play: bottom, top, versatile.

Bottom/Passive Transexual Escort – she receives anal sex only.

Top/Active Transexual Escort – she does not receive anal sex, rather she will perform anal sex on you.

Versatile Transexual Escort – she can enjoy both receiving anal sex and performing anal sex on you.

Oral Sex With Your Transexual Escort

There is nothing better than receiving a good blow job, and our Transexual girls are the best at it. The love doing it, and we know you'll enjoy it. If you love to cum receiving oral, then you have come to the right place.

Do you want to suck off your Transexual Escort?

Seems like a silly question, who wouldn't? Now that that's out of the way, here is for the important part:

Given the information we have given you above, about Top, Bottom and Versatile Escort services, if you want to give head it is also important - it not only applies to anal sex.

If your Transexual is Active; her cock can get nice and hard, which is perfect to put in your mouth. Similarly, if your girl is Versatile; she can get rock hard and you can both enjoy the benefits of you sucking her off.

If your girl is Passive; it is unlikely she will be able to get an erection. This is not to say she isn't turned on and enjoying herself. We promise you she is.

If you want to ensure that you can suck your girls hard tool, then it is important you request the services of an Active / Top Transexual Escort.

**Same applies for handjobs. If you want to give her a reach around or jerk her off, then she needs to be able to get an erection.

Transsexual Escorts

I’m sure you can now see the importance in understanding the language used and how that may affect you as a client when making a booking with a transsexual escort.  If you enjoy or would like to try having your sexy transexual escort give you anal sex, then you would need to book an appointment with a top transexual escort Melbourne.  If you had ordered a bottom transsexual escort by mistake, you would have not been able to feel her cock inside you during anal sex.  If you would like to try both giving your sexy transsexual escort anal sex, and then receiving anal sex from her, then you would need to book an appointment with a versatile transsexual escort.

If after reading this blog you are still unsure, or would like any details or preferences you have clarified further, please give us a call.  We are here to help, and assist you in all things transsexual.

A top Transexual Escort Melbourne is available by the hour, as an outcall escort service only.  No incalls are available.  Please see our rates page for more information. Your top Transexual escort Melbourne will travel Melbourne CBD and its immediate surrounds.  If you are unsure whether your sexy escort will travel to your location, simply check with reception.

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