Transexual Escorts

Transexual Escorts is a professional, unique and specialised service offered by Melbourne Pleasure of Melbourne. We are licenced by the state of Victoria to provide an outcall transexual escorts service. This means we do not have a premises for you to visit (we do not offer an outcall service), rather we provide transexual escorts to your residence.

Melbourne Pleasure provide the specialised escort service of male-to-female transexuals to Melbourne locals and our much valued interstate guests when they are here. Depending on the roster availabilities when you call, we offer both post and pre-op transexuals. Post-operative whereby the penis is removed. Pre-op whereby the transexual model still has her penis.

Melbourne pleasure is very selective in who they allow be representative of their Escort Agency. Quality over quantity, and only the finest are selected. With selection criteria being high, you can be assured that you are in for a good time, and won’t be disappointed in anyway.

Pre-op Transsexual Escorts

  1. Active: are able to act as a top and in some circumstances orgasm
  2. Passive: act as a bottom only, cannot perform top, cannot orgasm
  3. Versatile: greedy! Can act as both active and passive. Can orgasm in some instances
  4. Please let our friendly reception team know if you would like your stunning transexual to orgasm in your appointment

First time with a transexual escort?

Don’t be nervous. There is always a first time for everything and communication is key – let us know. No matter how adventurous or shy you are, we are here to guide you every step of the way.

Call our Transsexual Escort Agency

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