Transexual Melbourne

Are you coming to visit Melbourne soon, or do you currently live here? If you live here you have possibly already experienced transexual Melbourne, and if you haven't you are missing out! Melbourne is a vibrant city that has a diverse culture and is well known for its diverse sexual culture. Many people come to Melbourne just to taste the sex industry, they might want to explore their own sexuality, or come for a specific sexual desire. This is best done with the assistance of a Melbourne escort, specifically a Melbourne Escort Agency who is able to provide a range of escorts to suit the individual taste.

Transexual Escorts

Transexual Melbourne escorts are professionals and specialists when it comes to sexual service. Each transexual or ladyboy escort varies in service, so it is important to speak to us with exactly what your needs are. Some ladyboy escorts are preop and some are postop.

Here is a quick guide for you:

Preop ladyboy/transexual – she still has a cock

Postop ladyboy/transexual – she has had her cock removed

Active ladyboy/transexual – she is able to get an erection and actively be a top, or provide you with intercourse

Passive ladyboy/transexual – she isn't able to get an erection and is passive, or a bottom in receiving intercourse from you

Versatile ladyboy/transexual – she is able to act as either a top, or bottom for you.

Transexual Experience

When you seek the company of transexual Melbourne escort, you can expect to be pleased and pleasured like never before. This is not a 'wham-bam' 2 minute experience, or a 'sorry I can't perform tonight'; and I know we have all experienced one of those. Your transexual escort experience can be as raunchy, kinky, sensual, naughty or even as dirty as you like.

A Transexual Escort Agency that knows your needs

Give us a call or you can enquire via email ( if you prefer, to ask any questions about a Melbourne transexual experience. You won't be disappointed.

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