Transsexual Escorts Melbourne

Transexual Escorts Melbourne is a flourishing service that is increasing in demand. Let’s be honest, it is a no-brainer why it’s so popular! Who wouldn’t want to spend some quality time with a stunning, hot sexy tranny? No matter if it is a weekday, or weekend. During the day, evening, or in the early hours of the morning. You have come to the right place, Melbourne Pleasure has all your transexual escorts Melbourne needs covered.

Transsexual Escorts

Transexual Escorts Melbourne is an outbound/outcall service only, meaning we come to you. That’s right, you don’t have to leave the comfort of your inner city residence, serviced apartment or luxury penthouse. No need to stress about where to park your car, or who may see you entering a parlour etc. Your privacy is protected every step of the way.

You may not wish to have your stunning transexual escort meet you at your place; you may prefer to have her meet you at your favourite restaurant, bar or theatre. That’s fine too; and a very common request from our valued regular clientele. Just let our friendly reception team know, so we can accommodate your needs.

What sort of Transsexual Escort service are you looking for?

Transexual Escorts Melbourne come in all shapes and sizes – do you know what transexual escort you are looking for? Tall or short? Large or small bust? Versatile, active or passive? If you have answers to these questions already, that’s fantastic and will make your booking time take only moments. No stress if you don’t, or you are unsure about how transexual escorts Melbourne works. We help newbies all the time, we are all a first timer once in our life’s.

An active Transexual Escort is a ladyboy that performs as a top only, meaning she will not receive anal sex, rather she will give you anal sex. Just so there is no confusion: you will receive anal from by your sexy Transsexual Escort. This also means she is also able to maintain and sustain an erection. You can both enjoy mutual masturbation, mutual oral and in many instances she will be able to become so aroused she will be able to blow.

A passive Transsexual Escort is a ladyboy that performs as a bottom only, meaning she will only receive anal sex, not able to give you anal sex. Just so we are clear as to what a passive ladyboy service is: you will be giving her anal sex, she will receive only. In many instances she will not be able to get an erection; she is truly a passive bottom in every way.

A versatile Transsexual Escort is a ladyboy that is able to provide and receive anal sex. Yep that's right, often referred to as greedy or enjoying the best of both worlds. You and your ladyboy are able to enjoy mutual anal, mutual oral and as with an active Transsexual; in many instances in a versatile service she is able to climax and blow.

Call our Transsexual Escort Melbourne Agency

When you give our friendly reception team a call to discuss your Transsexual Escort service, they will ask you many questions about the type of service you are looking for. Much of which has been covered within this informative blog. I'm sure you can now understand how important it is to know the type of service you are looking for, as if you were to experience an Escort service with a passive Transexual Escort, when really you wanted an active Transexual; it wouldn't satisfy your needs.

Our receptionists want to spend the time with you to not only know the type of service you are looking for, but also if there are any things you specifically need in your Escort service. We do not provide a generic, one size fits all type service. We understand each and every clients needs are different. Similarly, not all of our Transsexual Escorts Melbourne girls are the same. We will tailor a specific Escort service to your specific individual needs.

Give our friendly reception team a call today to secure your transexual escort Melbourne on 1300 45 46 47. Remember, don't be shy in explaining what you are looking for. In many years of providing this service we can confidently say there isn't a request we haven't heard, nor been able to fulfill.

Happy Escorting 🙂