Transsexual Melbourne

If you are looking to spend time with a transsexual while in Melbourne, you have come to the right place. Melbourne Pleasure is well known as transsexual Melbourne specialists and the ‘go-to' people for all things transsexual.

Transsexual Escort Sex Guide

Pre or Post Op?

Pre op – she still has her cock.

Post op – she has had her cock removed.

Melbourne Pleasure provides both pre and post-operative transsexual escorts. Please make your preference known when making an appointment to spend time with transsexual Melbourne. You can always email us any queries you may have

Active? Passive? Versatile?

You may not have a preference or even know what these terms mean. Just in case here they are just to avoid confusion; or in some instances, heighten your next transsexual experience.

She's active – her cock is in good working order, and ready to give you anal pleasure

She's passive – she isn't interested in using her cock, she is ready to receive anal pleasure from you

She's versatile – she is ready to both receive and give anal pleasure. Lucky you!

"I've never received anal sex, I want to try but I'm scared"

We are often asked this question and are always very happy to help any newbies. Our transsexual escorts are professionals at dealing with first-timers and newbies, making them feel super comfortable with all their sexual needs. Just let your high class transsexual escort know, and you can take things slow. They will help you every step of the way. Don't be embarrassed, there is always a first time for everything for all of us.

"Can my transsexual Melbourne escort cum?"

Some can, and some can't. Let our receptionist know your needs and we will do our best to accommodate any preferences you have.

"I don't want to have sex, just spend some romantic time with a transsexual Melbourne escort"

No worries at all. You do not have to have sexual intercourse if you don't want to. We'll leave that up to you and your stunning escort to decide.

How to make an appointment with a Transsexual Escort

It really is this simple:

- Checkout our website
- Give us a call 1300 45 46 47
- Let our receptionist know what you are looking for. Provide plenty of detail
- Make payment arrangement: credit card over the phone or cash upon arrival
- That's it, now get ready and wait for your stunning escort to arrive!

Give us a call now to secure your appointment 1300 45 46 47