TS Escorts

If you are new to the transexual escort or transexual dating scene, TS Escorts is a term you may not be familiar with. TS is exactly the same as saying ladyboy, shemale, tranny, transsexual, transexual and male-to-female transexual. Don't think we have forgotten any in that list? We are contacted regularly about what TS means and then often asked, why the use of TS? We don't have an exact answer for you, however with many years experience in the transexual scene interacting with both clients and escorts; we can suggest first and foremost that it is an easy abbreviation. Similarly, it is said that TS as an abbreviation can be used among ladyboy admirers in public, and those who are not in the shemale scene will not catch-on and understand what they are talking about. We have also heard that because transsexual is commonly misspelled as transexual, TS makes things clearer for all those involved to use.

TS Girls Available

Now that we are all on the same page, Melbourne Pleasure have TS Escorts that are sure to satisfy any of your ladyboy fantasies, fetishes and sexual desires. Melbourne Pleasure TS Escorts are all male-to-female or MTF transgender; all choosing to keep their cock (pre op). Another term you may come across is 'tool'. If a TS comments about her 'tool', she is referring to her cock. Sexy TS girls available range from their early 20's right through to their 30's. Blonde's, brunette's, tall, short, big breasts, small breasts, dark skin, light skin and everything in between. Some of the girls are passive/bottom, active/top and/or versatile. Each tranny is unique and offers a different service depending on your needs. We encourage you to look through our escort gallery which will be sure to whet your appetite.

Melbourne Pleasure's Transsexual Escorts are available strictly by appointment only. The shortest appointment duration is 1 hour. Due to the very high demand for high class, top quality TS Escorts, we recommend and encourage all clients to book in advance. We will always try and accommodate last minute requests, however to avoid any disappointment of not being able to see your preferred ladyboy, or in the instance none of the sexy girls are available - book ahead to secure your quality time with your desired ladyboy. Please view our rates page for more details and information about escort fees.

If this is your first time spending time with a transexual or even an escort service, don't be shy and mention this to our friendly receptionists. Our receptionists will be able to answer any questions you have, and also put any uncertainties at ease. There is always a first for trying things, we have all been there and understand how it feels. We and the escorts who represent us will make you feel comfortable. First time clients regularly inform us of how amazing, understanding and personalised their first transgender experience was. As professionals in this industry, we can comfortable say that the service received by a client of a first time transgender experience, should not be the same as someone who receives/experiences this service regularly.

Contact our TS Melbourne Escort Agency

Please contact us via email or call directly on 1300 45 46 47 to discuss a Transexual Escort service tailored specifically to your needs.

Our receptionists will ask you many in depth, detailed questions about what you are looking for. These questions will include, but are not limited to: what sort of look are you after? Do you like big or small breasts? Are you looking for a Ladyboy who is well hung? Regarding anal sex, are you wanting to give, receive or both?

The reasons we ask so many detailed questions is to ensure we provide you not only with a stunning Ladyboy that will turn you on, but also a TS Escort that will be able to perform the sexual service you are looking for. For example, irrespective of how sexy a TS lady may be, if she is only a bottom (receives anal) but you want her to give you anal sex - then this is a mismatch and will ultimately result in you being dissatisfied and sexually unfulfilled. We can assure you that this doesn't happen at Melbourne Pleasure - why? For exactly this reason, we ask many questions ensuring you receive exactly what you want. If for some reason we are unable to provide you with a TS Escort to fulfill your needs, we will regretfully decline your business and tell you why. We will not send you a Ladyboy that will hopefully satisfy your needs. Near enough isn't good enough, nor should it be for you.

Happy Escorting 🙂