Versatile transexual escort Melbourne

A versatile Transexual Escort Melbourne is a Melbourne ladyboy that performs both an active and/or passive sexual role.  She offers the best of both worlds, or as some of our customers like to say; greedy.  Not sure what active and passive mean? Don’t worry, we will get to those terms shortly.  If this is your first time with a Transsexual Escort, then some of the information in this blog you will find very helpful.

Transsexual Escorts

Transsexual Escorts are stunning.  I don’t think anyone denies that.  But there is more to it than simply just saying I’d like to have sex with a stunning Transsexual Escort.  Transsexual Escorts are stunning ladies with an extra bit.  How would you like her to use it on you, or how would you like to use it, becomes very important.

To put it bluntly, to avoid any potential confusion, a versatile Transexual Escort Melbourne has a functional cock that gets nice and hard when she is turned on.  She can be active and or passive depending on what you want. You can enjoy giving and receiving anal sex with her. Have mutual oral, give each other handjobs, squirt your loads together and many more things.


Active Shemale– your sexy transsexual escorts cock will go hard when she is aroused.  She will be able to give you anal, you can play with her cock, suck on her cock, give her a handjob etc.

Passive Shemale– your sexy transsexual escorts cock will not go hard.  Now this is not to say she isn’t turned on.  She will therefore choose to play with your hard cock, and you can perform anal sex on her.

Importance of choosing the right Transsexual Escort Service

We are sure you are starting to appreciate why it is important to ensure you choose a Transsexual that not only turns you on physically, but also is able to provide the sexual service you are looking for. If you are looking to receive anal sex, and you are with a Transsexual who is Passive in her service; then you will be disappointed and unfulfilled sexually. Our receptionists will not let this situation happen, they will discuss with you in detail what you are looking for; then match you accordingly.

Hopefully that clears any confusion up.  Still a little confused or not sure? Don’t stress.  Simply give us a call and our receptionists will be able to clear up anything you are not quite sure of.

Versatile Transexual Escort Melbourne is an outcall service only; that is available by the hour.  A quick one hour sexual release, wham and bam.  Or you may prefer a longer booking, so there is no clock watching.  Or you simply may want to treat yourself and indulge in a night of romance. For more information on rates, please click here.

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