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Transsexual escorts

No matter whether it be a well hung transexual escort, or a small packaged transexual escort, a transexual escort is a professional in the experienced art of sexual practice with men.  If the idea of playing with, sucking on, or having a well hung cock inside you excites you, and you have never done this sort of thing before; a well hung transexual escort can very slowly ease you into your fantasy that is going to fast become your reality.  Two hour bookings are ideal for beginners or first timers, as this is something you do not want to just rush into.  It is very important you are relaxed.  In a two hour booking there are no time pressures of the clock, when is my time over, or quickly, lets rush this.  You are more than welcome to book for much longer, but please trust our experience when we say, you will need more than 1 hour for you to enjoy your first well hung transexual escort experience.

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