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Are you considering becoming a Shemale Escort or Transsexual Escort in Melbourne? Or are you currently working as a TS Escort in the Sex Industry? If either are true, we at Melbourne Pleasure are able to assist you. We provide both Escort employment to the right applicant, and general advice on Sex Work and the Victorian Sex Industry.

Due to current laws in Victoria, it is currently illegal to advertise for Sex Work positions (Transsexual Escort / Shemale Escort/ TS Escort), even for a licenced Melbourne Brothel and Melbourne Escort Agency.

What sort of Transsexual Escort in Melbourne are clients looking for?

The demand is strong for Transsexual Escort work and Shemale Escort work; and seems to be forever increasing.transexual

There is no exact type of ladyboy Escort a client is after. Clients ring for a wide range of desires and interests. After all, different strokes for different folks. Not everyone is interested or turned on by the same look. Most people would say, obviously your clients want a sexy tranny? Well of course, however as mentioned, what is sexy to one client, may or may not be to another.

Some clients looking for a ladyboy Escort are wanting a young ladyboy (minimum age 18), mid 20’s or older. We receive requests wanting dark complexion, chocolate complexion, light complexion and everything imaginable in between. Some clients want massive breasts, while others ask for small sized breasts. Some ask for short TS girls, while other like taller ones. Most commonly, we have requests for endowment specifics, also known as their tool; better known as her cock. Yes, clients will often have fantasies and desires that need to be filled (pardon the pun) and want their tranny to be well hung. Cock size specifics are often discussed, thick, cut or uncut, thin or long, and of course how long. Clients can also request whether they want a ladyboy who is active, passive or versatile.

As you can see there really is no limitation to what a client may request in their Escort service. On the flip side to the clients who know exactly what they want, we have newbies or first-timers who call and aren’t really sure what they are looking for. That’s fine too. In fact, we feel privileged that they trust us handling their first Escort experience.

Transsexual Escort Melbourne Services Provided

transexual escort melbourne

Not all services required of Escorts are sexual. We have regular clients who simply want company, an ear to listen to their worries, and some intimate non sexual companionship. We also receive a large proportion of our clients wanting companions to accompany them to social gatherings, movie release evenings and corporate functions; just to name a few.

The service of an Escort can be required at all most any time, day or night. Appointments are made by appointment and times can vary from early morning, midmorning, during the standard 9am-5pm working day, or throughout the evening. The shortest appointment length a client can book is 1 hour. The longest depends on how long your heart desires; the longest appointment we have provided is an interstate travel of 3 evenings.

Melbourne Pleasure is a licenced Melbourne Escort Agency


It is both legal and safe to work within the Victorian Sex Industry for a licenced Melbourne Brothel or Melbourne Escort Agency. Melbourne Pleasure is a licenced Melbourne Escort Agency. We at Melbourne Pleasure must uphold very high standards of operation and abide by strict laws that protect the general public, clients, Sex Workers and wider community.

As mentioned above, the demand for an Escort can be around the clock, consequentially, we encourage all Escorts to have plenty of rest. This way they are not fatigued either mentally or physically.

Melbourne Pleasure is renowned for the security if offers Escorts who represent them. Escorts never feel alone or vulnerable. The most up to date security policies and procedures are in place and are continually reviewed and updated. Safety is paramount with Melbourne Pleasure.

Please note that no Transsexual Escort / Shemale Escort / Ladyboy Escort is directly employed by Melbourne Pleasure. Rather an individual TS Escort is a representative of the licenced Escort Agency. Melbourne Pleasure receives a fee for receiving the booking, and the TS Escort is paid by the client for providing them the service of prostitution.

If you would like to contact Melbourne Pleasure, please do so via the contact form online or call directly on 1300 45 46 47